Paper Goods, Plastics, and Craft Supplies

Paper Goods Shrink Bundlers & Craft Supply Wrapping Machinery

Printed products from books and magazines to labels, posters, calendars and even paper plates can be very attractively packaged for display or protection when shrink wrapped.

Books, Loose Paper, Padded Paper, or Spiral Bound Products

Specialty papers, catalogs, brochures even multipacks of assorted colors or forms can be automatically collated and wrapped for unitization and product protection.

Textbooks, novels, manuals and other types of books can be wrapped to protect them in transit or in storage until ready for use.

Calendars, Prints & Posters

Calendars are one of the most difficult products to wrap because the final thin package requires impeccable appearance with no wrinkles or dog ears. Calendars wrapped on Texwrap systems in polyolefin films produce that highly desirable appearance.

Prints and posters either framed or on corrugated sheets are routinely wrapped for protection and retail display. Often these types of products require special wrapper or tunnel adaptations to insure the sparkling clean appearance that is so desirable on these types of products.

Gift Cards, Phone Cards, Credit Cards

Small bundles, stacks or trays of gift, phone, and credit cards are efficiently wrapped for unitization and security.

Craft Supplies

Many types of craft supplies including scrapbooking supplies, foam shapes, art glass and many others can all be wrapped for cleanliness or simply for unitization. Texwrap has designed many custom systems to handle hard-to-wrap items such as those with irregular shapes, super lightweight items, and even clear glass pieces.

Envelopes & Mailers

All types of envelopes and mailers including padded mailers can be stacked and wrapped simply for unitization or wrapped in clear sparkling polyolefin film for retail sale.

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