Personal Care

Personal Care Shrink Bundlers & Wrapping Equipment

Texwrap has provided personal care wrapping solutions for everything from stick deodorant, shampoo, aerosols (hair spray), tanning lotion, facial tissue, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics and more.

Personal Care Shrink Bundle Multipacks

Texwrap offers shrink wrapping and bundling systems for all types of personal care & cosmetics products, including Oval Bottles, Tubes, Pump Top Bottles, Aerosols, Deodorant Sticks, and much more

The Tekkra 200 Series is a side-infeed intermittent system that collates unsupported products into multipacks. The 200 Series features standard and custom collation systems, shrink wrap technology that precisely and repeatedly creates flawless multipacks, Allen Bradley PLC operations, quick change powered film cradles, and much more.

Personal Care Shrink Wrap Individual & Multipacks

Texwrap offers shrink wrapping and bundling systems for all types of personal care & cosmetics products.

Examples of Texwrap's personal care shrink wrapping solutions include the CSS-1809 and the OSS-145, both provide exceptional peformance and reliablity required in fast paced, and round-the-clock operations.

If your shrink wrap application requires the highest level of production performance, true 24/7 reliability and maximum flexibility to accommodate a variety of product sizes, the Texwrap CSS-1809 Continuous Motion Side Seal System is the perfect solution. “Generation 3” servo technology smoothly integrates the servo technology, PLC control, and the mechanical elements of the machine. The result is one incredibly fast, reliable, and flexible wrapper with minimal moving parts, minimal maintenance requirements and maximum performance.

Vertical Wrapping of Personal Care Liquids

For liquid product, Texwrap’s Vertical Systems, the OVS-514 and OVS-914 integrate high-speed performance with vertical conveyance allowing them to be integrated directly from the filler, while product is standing upright.

First the products are singulated, then multipacks can be collated and shrink wrapped immediately. This keeps labor low and product is kept clean and unitized for shipping. The top or bottom seal eliminates side seams leaving printed film looking pristine, or for labeled products precise high-speed orientation and print registration options ensure consistent retail-ready presentation.

Texwrap Infeeds Integration with numerous infeeds, timing screw infeeds, lane dividers, and more allow you to quickly adjust to different pack patterns and Sku's, while the servo orbital-motion sealing head dramatically increases throughput. Texwrap designs, fabricates and assembles infeeds for wrapping system integration.

Health & Beauty Aids

Many different health and beauty aid products such as lotions, creams in tubes, jars, bottles and cartons are often bundled together to get them to the store shelves for sale as multipacks. These products can be shrink wrapped in the conventional way or simply bagged without shrinking to unitize them for easy stocking where the film will be removed. This can also dramatically reduce the amount of packaging materials both for the producer as well as for the end user.

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