Easily create trayed or loose multipacks for cans with Texwrap's Tekkra and Kayat Series of shrink bunlding machines.

One of the most popular shrink wrapping solutions for canning applications is the Kayat SRX series single roll bundler. The SRX-CTF is the first in the SRX series. It creates shrink bundled bullseye packages by wrapping pre-formed trays of product. The SRX uses bottom overlap technology for strong seals and the ability to showcase printed film graphics.

With speeds up to 60 cycles per minute, the SRX integrates seamlessly with ProMach's other highspeed canning line solutions. ProMach's comprehensive beverage and canning solutions portfolios range from formulation and blending equipment to bundling, labeling, shrink wrapping, and palletization.

The Tekkra 100 Series and Tekkra 1000 Series are also widely used in canning operations where slow to moderate speeds are required.