TLS Series L-Sealers - 2219 & 3322

Texwrap specializes in manufacturing automatic L-Seal solutions. These L-Bar Sealers are flexible and reliable to maintain a high speed, precise seal in each application. Check the TLS Series L-Sealer's video library for demonstrations of some of the multitude of product applications the TLS wrappers are suited for.

TLS Series L-Sealers 2219 & 3322 machinery is diverse to meet unique requirements, including:

  • High Speed Technology
  • Custom Tunnel Wrapping
  • Polybagging Multipacks
  • Bundles of Labels
  • Stacks of Paper
  • Assorted Pharma Products

To see these video demonstrations and more, browse this library and find the L-Seal product page to learn more.

This video highlights a unique staking feature infeed that feeds into a TLS Series L-sealer

Packaging single and packs of veggies using the fast, durable and efficient 2219 L-Sealer from Texwrap.

Texwrap's TLS-2219 L-Sealer in this video is equipped with a unique 90-degree Servo Product Pusher.

Stacks of pizza crust are hand loaded, and wrapped with the TLS-2219 L-Sealer