OSS Series Side Sealers - 145, 205, 209

The OSS Series Side Seal is Texwrap's highest speed continuous-motion sealers. This orbital design combined with the 200 feet per minute conveyor speed and Texwrap’s exclusive Motion Trim™ technology make it the fastest and most flexible wrapper of its kind. And corrosion resistant versions are available for food production environments.

Watch them wrapping products, including:

  • Bakery products
  • Pizza
  • Multipack cartons
  • Cups

To learn more about the OSS Series Side Sealers, browse this video library, find the product page, and contact Texwrap for more information.

See this integrated solution for delicate home air filters

Cake pop and other baked goods such as pizza, are often wrapped in the OSS series wrappers

The OSS-209 orbital side seal wrapper quickly shrink wraps 12 inch pizzas

The Texwrap Turnkey Pizza Packaging system provides complete shrink wrapping solutions for your company's needs.