Texwrap Versa Seal Side Seal - TVS

Texwrap side seal wrappers use the exclusive Texwrap Versa Seal system to insure consistent, high quality seals across a wide range of film types and gauges. The TVS is a very simple device yet it offers outstanding control of the three elements necessary for a good seal- time, temperature and pressure.

Typically, on a side seal wrapper, the side seal mechanism itself is the single highest maintenance item on the machine. Texwrap's TVS technology is a revolution in simplicity and reliability. The Versa Seal requires no air and has very few moving parts for ease of operation and minimal maintenance. 

Here's how it works. As film enters the sealing area, it is tightly clamped between pairs of top and bottom belts while a special heating element seals and separates the film between them. The design of the uncoated element avoids wear, film buildup, and the need for adjustment or repositioning to maintain a good seal. The TVS is a "self-compensating" system which means that there is no need for the operator to adjust temperature with line speed changes- the TVS adjusts automatically.

During sealing, the slightly diverging belts grip the film securely over a long distance allowing the seal to be made and the trim to be cleanly separated. Because the film gripping belts on the TVS allow the tension on the film to be isolated from the sealing process, the result is consistent seals using the absolute minimum film width.

  • Minimal Maintenance

    Very few moving parts, no air, and an uncoated sealing element mean that the TVS seals consistently with very little maintenance

  • Uncoated Sealing Element

    The position, angle, and length of the sealing element allow the film to seal directly at the element for the most positive seal possible

  • Speed Compensation

    No need to make temperature adjustments as speed changes. As speed increases, the film simply stays in contact with the element longer

  • Trim Separation

    Top and bottom belts clamp the film between them. The belts also diverge slightly along the sealing path to separate the trim for fewer scrap breaks and restarts

  • Film Economy

    The Versa Seal belts grip the film tightly as it is being sealed. This isolates film tension from the sealing process resulting in a narrower film required

  • Film Control

    The parallel belts grip and hold the film thru the sealing area for total control of the film while it is being sealed for maximum uptime and fewer reworks

  • Powered Nip Rollers

    Powered nip rollers pull the incoming film and feed it into the TVS film gripping belts. This insures no film slippage and prolongs belt life

  • Robust Construction

    As one of the most critical parts of the machine in terms of reliability, the TVS system is built to the same rugged standards as all Texwrap equipment

  • Pressure Adjustment

    Film grip pressure can be easily and quickly adjusted without removing the guards and while the wrapper is running

  • Viewing Window

    The sealing process can be monitored thru a window in the front guard while the wrapper is running

  • Safety Devices

    The TVS is fully guarded and cannot be operated with either of the covers removed

  • Jam Detector

    Should something other than film enter, a switch on the nip rollers will detect it and shut the system down