Auto Film Splicer

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Texwrap’s Auto Film Splicer can splice clear or print registered film without stopping, or even slowing, production. The auto film splicer allows continuous running and features pointed film splicing creating a smooth transition from one roll of film to another. This allows a continuous feed of film into the wrapper of up to 200 feet per minute. Initially designed to work with the Texwrap’s OVS and OSS Series wrappers to achieve the highest rates and shortest downtime, the Film Auto Splicer can also be used with other continuous motion wrappers such as the CSS and BVS Series.

Texwrap’s Auto Film Splicer does increase the overall footprint of the shrink wrapper operation, but it also dramatically decreases labor and downtime related to film changeover. With the Auto Film Splicer, operators can change the roll within a larger window without having to add to the line’s overall downtime. As the roll nears the core, a signal is sent to automatically initiate the splice. Then, after the splice is made, the operator removes the empty roll, loads a new roll, and prepares the splice. With a capacity to hold up to 19-inch diameter quad rolls, this machine is durable, reliable, and efficient. This automatic on-the-fly film splicing option is a productivity enhancement used in a wide range of industries. Texwrap offers automated packaging machinery to maintain production throughput, efficient packaging processes, and integrated options.

Features & Benefits
  • Eliminating downtime die to roll-to-roll changes
  • Reducing the labor required to operate machine in production
  • Eliminating micro stops, a major contributor to downtime occurance