Manual Film Splicer

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The Manual Film Splice and Film Folder is one of Texwrap’s most popular options and is available for all Texwrap shrink wrappers. The Manual Film Splice provides a dramatic reduction in labor and lost production time due to roll-to-roll changeover.

The manual splice system holds two rolls of film in the film cradles. One roll of film is threaded and in use. As the threaded film is depleted to the minimum functional amount, film from the second roll of film is pulled to the manual splice area, a length of film from the nearly depleted roll is laid on top, and a heating bar is lowered on the film to join the rolls. As the film is jogged through the wrapper the new roll of film is threaded through the rollers. Not only is the changeover time and labor reduced, but there is no chance of the film being threaded improperly.

Another plus of the manual splice system is the use of single wound film. Single wound film provides twice the film footage per roll compared to center folded film. So, the need to change rolls is reduced by half, as is the downtime due to roll-to-roll changes.