Texwrap Versa Seal

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This proprietary seal system insures consistent, high quality seals across a wide range of film types and gauges. The TVS is a very simple device, yet it offers outstanding temperature control and best in class film tension isolation for the strongest and most reliable side seals in the industry.

Typically, on a side seal wrapper, the side seal assembly itself is the highest maintenance item on the machine. Texwrap's TVS technology is a revolution in simplicity and reliability. The Versa Seal requires no air and has very few moving parts complementing it’s ease of operation and minimal maintenance

Features & Benefits
  • Few moving parts for reduced maintenance
  • "Self-compensating" system automatically adjusts temperature with line speed changes
  • Design ensures film have no lateral movement for stronger seals
  • Works across a wide range of film types and gauges
  • Helps deliver the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Also available for retrofit applications