Loose Multipack Bottles Shrink Bundled in Printed Shrink Film - Kayat SRX-CUF

With our latest advancements, the Kayat SRX Series of Single Roll Bundlers effectively shrink wraps both products in trays, or loose/bulk products.

Features include:

Toolless Changeover

Film wrap bar assembly does not need change parts to run different products

Film wrap bar position can be moved based on product requirements without tools reducing changeover downtime

Film Compatibility

Designed to handle both print registered and clear film

Accommodates film widths up to 30” and film diameters up to 20”

Easy Maintenance Access

Film Feed-and-Cut Assembly slides out on the maintenance side of the machine

Ergonomic, maintenance-friendly design provides safe and easy access for machine maintenance

Film remains threaded when accessing reducing overall downtime

State-of-the-Art Air Flow Control

Airflow controls for each tunnel zone provides adjustment points to direct airflow as needed throughout the tunnel.

The directed airflow:

Ensures bottom airflow creates a strong, durable seal

Creates most aesthetically appealing end package

Minimized Film Roll Changeover

Dual film mandrels with manual splice

Dramatic reduction in labor and lost production time due to roll-to-roll changeover

Intuitive HMI

Preventive maintenance dashboard with flags for common wear parts

Easy-to-navigate HMI and recipe storage

Standard display is a 10” touchscreen

Pack ML ready